These “Tiny Homes” are Big on Features.

The Dwellings: Our most recent project is the Dwellings in Tallahassee, Florida where we constructed over 130 housing units with low carbon-footprint, community center, and greenhouse. The Dwellings has fostered a diverse and unique community that is like no other as people from all demographics and incomes live within this development creating a special living space. The housing units range from 200-400 square feet and contain a bath, bedroom, and living and cooking area. Designers took advantage of the space to ensure residents have all proper amenities. These quaint little homes are affordable and take a neat minimalist approach on tiny home housing.

Every 45-60 days, our construction team is building around 10 new homes for future residents. Our three models allow residents to move into a space that fits their budget and space requirements.

Common areas are a wonderful space for social interaction and give a feeling of belonging to the community.

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